elbmatic stands for Fair Play Trade. As an internationally leading B2B trader, we operate in various markets and industries .

We handle around 10,000 shipments annually within and outside the EU single market. Our network extends across 78 countries, and in collaboration with partners like CMS Law Firm or Allianz Trade, we guarantee secure and trademark-compliant sales.

Our state-of-the-art, automated logistics center with over 5,000 sqm in Hamburg and our excellent creditworthiness enable us to pre-finance large-volume orders and keep goods in stock.

You are not stucked in fixed structures and prefer to work as a freelancer? Do you have access to channels and/or customers? We offer you to dock into our network, so you can benefit from our USPs.

This makes us a reliable, competent partner for you, with whom you can make better use of your contacts and expand them profitably!