elbmatic stands for Fair Play Trade. As an internationally leading B2B trader, we operate in various markets and industries .

We handle around 10,000 shipments annually within and outside the EU single market. Our network extends across 78 countries, and in collaboration with partners like CMS Law Firm or Allianz Trade, we guarantee secure and trademark-compliant sales.

Our state-of-the-art, automated logistics center with over 5,000 sqm in Hamburg and our excellent creditworthiness enable us to pre-finance large-volume orders and keep goods in stock.

As a manufacturer, it may be particularly interesting for you to know that, in addition to a large variety of channels, we also count direct commercial end customers with more than 1,000 employees as our customers.

Our expertise and the key to our success lie in channel management:
We can precisely control in which channels your products are offered or not.

We move products quickly, flexibly, and independently in the markets. This means that if, for example, a brick-and-mortar channel fails, we can quickly and flexibly react and switch to other channels.

Therefore, we are a reliable and competent partner for you, ensuring that your products reach the end customers successfully, securely, and in compliance with trademark regulations.