At elbmatic, it’s not just about economic success and growth. Our High 5 Values represent our lived values and offer unique opportunities for all involved.

Whether our office management, warehouse & logistics team or in dealing with our customers and business partners:
we value people and ideas

1. Global Mindset
We are 5 founders from 5 nations. We speak 12 languages, are familiar with all trade and policy regulations, appreciate cultures, but our mindset is global. We have the ability to build bridges between continents to expand our strong network.

2. Hamburg based heartset
We strive for long-term, value-oriented relationships based on transparency and a sense of responsibility.

3. responsibility
For maximum success, we take risks for which we assume 100% responsibility and have contingency plans in place.
Our recipe for success is: The collective is the regulative.

4. trust
We trust and rely on the potential and talents of our employees and our network.

5. power
We have excellent creditworthiness and financial strength to pre-finance large-volume orders with payment terms and invest in start ups with.